Power Yoga is a form of Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga, linking breath and movement in an active practice incorporating sun salutations, strong holds, inversions, arm-balances and core strengthening.  All levels of practitioners benefit from the challenging sequences and meditative aspect of the practice while the continuing practitioner witnesses a strengthening body and mind. Expect to sweat!

The Rocket is an uplifting 3-part series originally crafted by Larry Schultz as a way of modifying traditional Ashtanga. The Rocket I, II & III are each challenging sequences involving fun/funky transitions with a focus on bhandas, breath and drishti. The Rocket is all about modification, self-expression, moving towards your goals and calming the nervous system while strengthening the body and mind. Coined "The Rocket" because its techniques "get you there faster".

Dharma is a style of Hatha-Raja Yoga developed by Sri Dharma Mittra from his many years of practicing myriad styles of yoga. Classes incorporate spirituality, chanting, as well as a challenging physical asana practice often including moon salutations, hip flexibility and back bends.  

Re:Power  In this class expect the unexpected as you reform, retune and recalibrate using everything from classical asana and yoga props, to PT exercises and myofascial release methods. Explore your inner space and gain information, insight and a deeper understanding of self-aligning techniques so that you can sustain a rich and fulfilling practice.

Pre-Natal A safe, nurturing space to practice yoga during your pregnancy. Classes will be focused on maintaining strength throughout your pregnancy with special attention to pelvic floor, upper back and core support as well as helpful breathing techniques and restorative poses. Cherish the connection between you and your baby and meet a supportive community of women to help you along your path to motherhood.  A yoga class suited for all trimesters of pregnancy as well as post-natal mama's looking to ease back into their practice. 

Body Lab Body LAB is a fusion of yoga, dance and barre exercises. A great workout using weights, pilates balls and body weight resistance. All levels welcome.

Mantra Yoga Tap into your Inner Power and expand your mind as you focus on a mantra or philosophical tenet of yoga in this class focused on a specific area of the body. A mantra is a word or phrase repeated audibly or internally to keep the mind focused and helps create a meditative state as you move and breathe. Poses tend to be held for longer durations as the instructor weaves philosophical teachings into the class. 





Mat Rental $2

Drop-in (mat included) $20

First Month Unlimited $45

Community Class $10 donation

Monthly Contract Auto-Pay $90

Single Month $120

5-class package $80 

10-class package $160 

20-class package $250

Annual $950

Private Yoga Session $150